Frameless shower doors

Searching for new trendy ideas while changing the appearance of the bathroom, you’ll be very interested in frameless shower doors installation. Why? The first reason is that these doors are very functional and attractive, a thiсk safety glass panel withstands any impact, and there are only rare occasions of breakage, so they are safer than a regular glass.

Secondly, the availability of styles, colors, tints and etched design make your choice easier and more confident. At times when bathroom became an important element of the home’s design, it must be beautiful and practical. The wanted effect can be reached only with frameless shower doors.

Technical Characteristics

Frameless variant of shower doors is characterized by the absence of aluminium frame or any other frame made of the similar material. Is that practical? For sure! Aluminum frames corrode and pit, they aren’t unsightly. These frames cause rough places and even lead to injuries and spots which are rather hard to clean.?Frameless shower doors are completely without frames. Their thick glass panels can support the header and the track. To seal and treat the edges of the glass the manufacturers use silicone. It really creates a very smooth surface and can provide a water tight seal in places where the door faces the edges of the glass.

What About the Safety of Glass?

The shower glass of such doors is made from thick glass, which guarantees the safety. It means the glass units are not likely to shatter, and if the glass breaks (which is a rare case), it would brake into very small and rounded pieces, and it will help to avoid the risk and cuts as from the glass shards.

Doors Categories

  • 90 degrees
  • 135 degrees
  • In line
  • Steam units
  • Tub units

The Basics

  • Better looking
  • Thicker glass
  • Heavy
  • Expensive
  • Easy to clean but difficult to install (because of the weight)
  • Left or right opening

Types of Frameless Shower Doors

Suiting your individual wish and taste, the doors can suit your bathroom too. The number of glass types, which are available, includes clear glass, plexi glass, tempered glass and clear glass.

Clear Glass Doors

This shower door creates an illusion of the size. It makes any bathroom space bigger. The type is usually chosen because of two main reasons: the door is both simple and very sophisticated.

Plexi Glass

Frameless shower doors


This glass is characterized by its toughness, and it is practically impossible to smash. The type is very popular among the parents with young children.

Tempered Glass

These doors provide you with privacy and strength. In the process of manufacturing, the glass is given a frosty look. It is a perfect variant for those, who share their apartment and need privacy.

Frameless Shower Doors always seem to be very simple, but they are still very stylish. The options the manufacturer provides you with make your choice easier and your bathroom look esthetic.