Tub shower combo

For those, who are dreaming of a shower and a bathtub in his bathroom, but thinks it cannot be achieved, there is a optimal way out which is called tub shower combo. Having a big family means having much more troubles, than others do. One is connected with the bathroom space.

Some members wish to have a bathtub and relax lying in a warm and soft water, the others want to get a shower, because they are always busy during the week and they need to hop in the shower and get clean as fast as possible. Tub shower combo is the choice that can make happy anyone. The tub part can be smaller than a normal one, but the pus of this sort of combination, that the tub is deeper.

Dreams Can Come True

Dreams about the luxurious bathroom face the limited area reality. Getting the full advantage of the bathroom space you can get the combination of a bathtub and a shower. The alternative has been chosen by lots of families, allowing the owner to use the bathroom without it been overcrowded.

Making the Right Choice: Easy or Not?

The choice of the bathtub and shower combination is not as difficult as it usually seems to be. The improvement of modern technologies makes the Internet access available at any place.

Today nearly 80% of all the shopping is done with the help of the Internet. Why not to get the tub shower combo in the similar way? Don’t stop at one website. Do the research and read the reviews before spending your money.

Benefit or Loss?

When you have a bathroom of a small size, but are in need of both tub and a shower, it is nothing else but benefit. You can install corner shower and tub unit, which reduces falls and guarantees safety while bathing. The available models can fit into a tight space. They also offer maximum area saving.

Tub Shower Combo Pricing

It is hard to name the exact price of this sort of bathroom combination mainly because the cost depends on the customer only. What type do you want? How many features will you choose? The controls and the faucets cost ranges from 20$ to several hundreds. Here the cost depends on the material.

Tub shower combo

Source: trendir.com

The shower stalls can be found over 1 000$, the better quality, the higher the cost. The tile costs 1$ – 25$ per square foot, depending on design and materials. The tub is the most expensive part – 1 500$ – 5 000$. The price of the combo can have a great influence on the budget of the family, but as there are many various options to pick from, you’ll get the variant that will be the best for you.

Tub shower combo can make your bathroom a private space with extra benefit.